Whilst it is fairly easy to get a blog up & running, making decent money from it is another matter entirely and something that remains elusive for most of the blogging community.

So if you want to set up a blog that has the legs to generate a more than decent income, then read the following 5 things to ensure that your blog is an online money maker

1. Can you make a decent income by Blogging?

Well if you consider an annual 5 figure income decent then it is a totally attainable figure for your money making blog. However, don’t be fooled it doesn’t come easily as it does require some work but for someone working full time and effectively on their blog they could easily generate well in excess of $1000 a day.

2. What Skills or Talents Are Required to Create a Successful Money Making Blog?

As the barriers to starting & creating a blog are a;most non existent, many people have started blogging & have hoped to generate a wealth of income from them, but have failed dismally in the cash generating area.

So why is this you may ask. Well for starters to be successful at monetizing your blog there are a few factors that can influence this but the number one factor is intelligence – or web savvyness, ie. to be successful at blogging you need to be fairly web savvy above all else.

What this means is that you need to have a good sense of knowing what will make money & generate interest on the net and how to present your blog to capture & monetize this demand.

If you don’t think you are web savvy enough you could do a lot of reading & learning to become web savvy but if you don’t think you have what it takes to achieve this, don’t be disappointed if your blogging exploits amount to nothing in terms of income generation.

3. What Do You Blog About?

This is a fairly crucial decision that you need to make before starting your blog because if your blog’s topic is not popular enough you may not generate enough interest or traffic to generate more than a few dollars a month. So you need to have a topic for which there is sufficient demand & interest for it to be worthwhile in terms of monetizing it.

4. Can You Have Multiple Streams of Income on Your Blog?

It’s a good idea not to have all your eggs in one basket so having multiple streams of income options on your blog is not a bad idea. Some blogs can have as many as six different streams of income made of advertisements, products, for sale, donations etc.

5. What Is the Cost of Blogging?

Blogging and setting up a blog is really cheap. There are some free blog set up options, but if you want to use your own domain name that will be a cost as well as web hosting which could be as less than $5 a month.

One of the best things about earning a living from blogging is not only the unlimited earning potential it provides, but the freedom it brings – you can set up your blogging business from home and work when you want – it’s hugely rewarding & fun at the same time.

So start blogging & make sure you’re one of the few who makes a six figure living from it.

Find out how in 5 simple steps you can set up your own free blog & start making money by blogging here >>

The author is continually exploring innovative & cost effective ways to start home based internet businesses

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