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Writing creative and readable blog posts is every blogger’s aim, to write something that would get you the readership that would stick with you for long term. Having good information on a topic isn’t enough anymore you need to have great writing skills as well. My perosnal approach towards this is just being yourself, I say what I want whenever I feel like it’s appropriate.


I Voted!

I’ve said it over and over again, honesty in blogging is crucial specially if you want your readers to stay with you and above all, value your opinion. If I feel the topic at hand needs some harsh words to be said then I don’t hold back, I’m not shy about cursing out in my blog as well because sometimes you need to show just how passionate you are about a topic, if it angers you, show it.

Spicy Titles

Hot Pockets
A reader decides whether or not to read a blog post just by reading the title. For example

32 tips to sky rocket your blog! – YES

32 tips to promote your blog and make it much better – NO

Sure-Shot Money Making Tips! – YES

Great tips to make you more money – NO

You get the hang of it by now, having spicy titles is one hell of a trick to get readers to read your blog posts, one of the reasons you (the reader) are reading this post is because of the title as well.

Inside info

.: Cute Tamales .:
Having some inside info from other sources is not bad either, if you squeeze in a quote or two from other blogs that only makes the topic worth reading, because then there are more then 1 opinions being read. For example.

Problogger made a similar post a while ago about spicing up your blog posts and he said:

Write Short Sentences

Next time you pick up a book and can’t put it down, stop and have a look at the sentence length – you’ll often find the sentences are short and punchy. 32 words is the maximum for an article’s first sentence and while there are exceptions they ought to be rare. Aim to only have one point per sentence.

Relevant Media

Inserting videos and or images to your blogposts is my favourite part of the blogging as a whole. It not only spices up your blog post and makes it interesting but it also removes that boring element to a blog posts where all you see is text and nothing else. Images and/or videos add a great element of knowledge and fun to your blog posts it’s something you should consider adding to yours as well, the difference is seen instantly in the reader’s reaction after you’ve made every effort of making learning, enjoyable.

There are several places you can find images such as Flickr and as for videos I don’t even have to tell you do I?

Okay fine, you can get them from Youtube, it’s filled with tons of videos that could be relevant to your topic as well, if not exactly your topic then you can always add a song to your topic, I mean theres a song for just about anything these days.

Short and sweet yet lengthy

happiness is a colorful cupcake
That’s my favourite saying about blogging, you need to keep it short and sweet yet lengthy, it’s kinda hard to get at first but lemme explain here:

1. Keep your post to the point.

2. Nothing offtopic

3. Make sure you cover everything regarding that topic. Short yet covered everything.

If you do cover everything in that topic you wont need to add jibber jabber about other off topic subjects the article it self will be complete!

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