You have your website running, and you have an affiliation with a big company, but now you can not decide whether you should continue affiliating, or if you should go out on your own. And this is a big decision, and there are several things that you should think about and be aware of.
Companies that offer affiliate schemes, don’t really need your business, they are typically well-established high-earners that practically sell themselves off their brand name. This can be a bad thing, or a good thing. It can be a bad thing, because the company doesn’t need you, they won’t think twice about getting rid of you for a variety of reasons; one reason is that they might decide that you are not bringing in enough business for them, or are not bringing in the right type of business that they are aiming for at that time. Another reason could be that they decide that their affiliate scheme is not bringing them as much money as they might have hoped, whilst still costing them money in free advertising, so they may choose to start charging for the affiliation, or even close down the scheme all together. This is no problem for them, but a big problem for you. Another big problem with affiliation is that you rely almost completely on people clicking on the adverts, and if people stop clicking (if they started in the first place), you aren’t going to get any money. And, quite often, any money that you do earn takes a while to build up into any kind of amount that is worth bragging about.
On the plus side, with affiliation you don’t have to spend money on buying products from a supplier, you also do not need to handle any part of the dispatch of any product, which can be costly for a small business. If you affiliate with well-known websites, such as Google or Amazon, people are much more likely to click on these links, because people trust them and don’t expect the website that you are linking to, to scam them. This is something that worries many online shoppers.
Owning your business entirely is not quite so easy. As the sole proprietor of a company, with no affiliations, you take on a great deal more responsibility. Not only do you have to advertise yourself well, you also have to convince your customers that your product or service is the best and worth the money. You don’t have the reputation of a big company behind you, and everything will not simply sell itself. You are now in control of buying all things from suppliers, handling all incoming orders, and preparing products for dispatch. If you can afford to pay a team to help with this, then great, but if you don’t, this can prove to be a lot of hard work. And, if business doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped, you could potentially place yourself into the debt of your suppliers with a pile of unsold items.


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