These Article Marketing Tips are so important that you should not start your article promotion campaign without considering them. Otherwise, you will likely fail. I always get surprised when I see many marketers; especially newbies start their article marketing campaigns for affiliate products or their own products / services without any advanced plan. So read this article to discover what plan you should have at your hand before starting article writing and submission. 

Top 3 Article Marketing Tips to Consider While Creating Your Article Marketing Plan: 

1.    Write Articles On A Regular Basis, Better At Least 5 Days A Week. 

So for this purpose, you should determine how many articles you are going to write every day or every week. You should note it in your plan in advance. 

2.    Proper Keyword Research for Full Week.  

You should have a full list of keywords for a week not to lose your time for searching for new key-terms every day. So this is the second part of your article marketing plan. I would say this part plays a very important role in your article marketing success. I myself create a list of keywords even for 2 or more weeks in advance. In this way, I’m able to work more productively. 

3.    Create Titles In Advance.  

Write down article titles for each day in advance in order to save time.  This way you will be more organized and productive. 


These 3 Article Marketing Tips should be certainly applied while creating your article marketing plan. Make your weekly program and follow it every day. Soon you will see daily affiliate product sales. 

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