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On December 29, 2009, in Advertising, by entmind

Speed PPC By Allan Gardyne

Speed PPC is a tool that will make your life easier with Adwords. I would like to call this blog a Speed PPC review, but since I used it , I recommend you to try it once.


What is Speed PPC?

The SpeedPPC System is a methodology combined with a set of in-house developed software tools, born out of the real world.A challenging affiliate marketing project that required us to increase our output by at least 10 times if we had any hope of pulling it off.

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With SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro, you get all the benefits,

* The patent-pending SpeedPPC campaign builder
* Powerful Affiliate Datafeed Software to generate targeted
landing pages from bulk data files
* 15 professional landing page templates
* 380+ Expansion lists
* User Guides and Training Videos
* 12 months Free upgrades to new versions
* 12 months Free product support

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Top 7 Pay-Per-Click Marketing Problems


Time Spent on PPC Campaigns

PPC Marketing can eat up so much of your time, and with only 24 hours in a day saving time is a huge priority for a lot of us. See how SpeedPPC can save you 72,500% of time.

High Competition Driving up Costs

How do you hold onto a competitive edge when your costs are escalating into the stratosphere? Here’s how you can compete effectively in any market.

Poor Quality Score

Poor – OK – Great! Your Quality Score impacts what you pay for the privilege of a click. Start being more relevant, improve your Quality Score and lower your bid costs at the same time! See how to do it with SpeedPPC.

Ads With Low Click Through Rates

Want a super-quick, super-easy way to create ads that reap clicks? It’s simple and speedy with the SpeedPPC dynamic insertion feature and flexible ad templates. Check out how we do it.

Landing Pages With Low Conversions

Don’t persevere with low performing Landing Pages. Transform them into well-oiled conversion machines with SpeedPPCs dynamic insertion features and Landing Page Generator. See how SpeedPPC achieves this.

Skyrocketing Minimum Bid Prices

Are your minimum bids only heading in one direction? Put the brakes on, turn them around and improve your return on investment dramatically. Here’s how!

Ineffective Tracking

The cost of ineffective tracking is more than you can afford. Track your keywords and plug the holes in your PPC marketing campaigns. Here’s how to make tracking simple.

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