Internet has been noticed as a feasible medium now. The rise in awareness, about the feasibility of this medium has also been identified by the advertisers. This is one of the reasons behind advertisers heading towards Internet advertising. The scenario of online advertising India would cater to all groups of organizations and their brands.

With effective growth in Indian Internet user base, online advertising is on the minds of smart advertisers. The feasibility of this advertising medium is responsible for achieving this response from the advertisers. Now, when it comes to user response, then 46 million users is a sizeable number that forms the target market for online advertising India. On top of that, there were over 41,000 advertisers that targeted Indian users in 2006 (IAMAI).

The data suggests that there is a lucrative market out there. The users of this medium access it from offices, at home and cyber cafes too. They indulge in variety of activities like social media interactions, sourcing information, researching, study, analysis, work etc. In addition to it, the advertisers have been utilizing the strength of banner network India for achieving cutting edge promotions. Such a network is formed with the collaboration of advertisers, agencies and publishers, which organizes the flow of banners across online ad spaces.

The online advertising India is not at all limited to just the network but it also offers a whole range of advertising and marketing solutions. The advertisers are now inclined towards the dotcom part of advertising. This is clear from the fact that around 291 brands India had an ad spend of over Rs.10 lacs (IAMAI). No doubt that the users and their trends of surfing are proving attractive for the advertisers.

Moreover, the Internet advertising agencies offer targeted delivery of ads. The delivery of ads is done with the use of technologies like central ad server. Also, the targeting has a few parameters that enable the agency to distinguish the target audience for the advertisers. It can be based on location, connection type, browser type, day/time, IP tracking, user data etc. All this and lot more contributes to online advertising India but it is just about, how efficiently it would be taken in use by both the leading brands and the SMEa (Small and Medium Enterprises).

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