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On December 30, 2009, in Advertising, by entmind


PPC for the Classified Ads Web-Publisher.


As the PPC Web 2.0 Trends Spiral in so many different directions much like those little fish like in Nemo and you stare at the spikes in Alexa, the bottom line still says Web 2.0 is more about Classified Ads then anything else. So does this mean this is the ideal time to get your own Classified Ads Website? Yes….Always.


All you have to do for popularity-proof of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) being a really huge industry for Classified Ads is —type in “PPC Advertising” using Google Search and you will see a never ending list of Websites offering PPC. While PPC is a good thing, it is also a bank breaker if it is not correctly utilized on the seller-side.


…And the sellers want the highest ranking, best quality sites to advertise their products more than anything. So take a real good look at you site and turn the table as if you are the one looking to have your PPC on sites all over the web. Really try to keep this in mind as you build you Classified Ads Website(s).


While most people are trying their very best to get their Classified Ads website noticed, it’s not always the worst idea to generate your site as a Web-Publisher having PPC for the Online businesses that have PPC-Publishers Programs.


On occasion we, -at Noah’s Classifieds look at many different PPC programs seeing what might be best for our user/customers and we make recommendations based on cost, reliability, stability of PPC Programs. The only real way of knowing what program is best to use is to try it out. We all know Google Ad Sense and Ad words are great. In fact we have many Noah’s Classifieds users that implement Google the most.


Don’t forget to make your Classified Ads website a Niche Site to get the clicks. Being that you most likely have a two-sided Classified Ads Website, “you” selling classified ads, publishing Google’s Ads or selling your Pet Rocks etc.. and cross marketing with your Ebay Auctions.


If you offer advertising on your site whether PPC or a *straight fee – like *Newspapers do, make sure you charge accordingly to your Visitor “Quality” over general traffic. For instance, we did a stint of PPC Advertising on, it drove traffic to us and a lot of it. The following days ahead, we looked at our Google Analytics and noticed the majority of click-over’s were on our site for about 1.5 seconds. Not good at first glance. But what we did notice is that we were favored by a few folks. That’s where it pays off. This does not mean they bought our Commercial Products, but the odds are, they are evaluating our Free Download Version, then come a couple pre-sale questions and on and on comes the sales.


Our Best Advertising clearly comes from all the referal hosting companies that carry our Free Version Noah’s Classifieds and proves that not only do the thousands of Hosting Companies that distribute Noah’s Classifieds, but these hosting companies also use effectively Google PPC.

If you are ready to run your own Classified Ads Website,…




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