Local small businesses have shoestring advertising budgets and can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on yellow page advertising or on Google pay-per-click Ads. So here are four free advertising tips to help you save thousands of dollars a months and still get more value from each dollar you spend.

You can use these Four free advertising Tips as much and as
you need to.

Free Online Advertising Tip #1 – Register for a free http://104inc.com business account .

When you register you can take advantage of their “Free” basic listing.  This will allow your business to be listed on over 2000+ websites for free.  Registering on 104inc.com alone will help your website/store increase online and foot traffic; generate quality leads from targeted local customers.  They also offer 45 day free trial of the upgraded package if you fully want to take advantage of their powerful lead generating tools.

Free Online Advertising Tip #2 – Send a press release or newsletter.

You always have the opportunity to write a newsletter or press releases monthly to promote your business.  This is one of the best free advertising tips for you to take advantage of.

This monthly newsletter or press release can be mailed or e-mailed to your customers and update them on a unique product or service you offer. 

Make your release interesting and offer discounts or sales to
your business clients.

People love success stories so make sure to spotlight a success story from the past month or quarter.  You might talk about a new product or a client who found success using your product or service.

Then once it is finished, you can submit it to local
news outlets or you can publish it online. 

The best place to release your story is by using the website at http://104News.com.  When you visit the site click on “feedback” on the top right hand side of the website and submit your story.

These first two tips will really help in your quest for free online advertising.

Free Online Advertising Tip #3 – Write an article.

This is the most commonly used free online advertising
tips because it simple and works very well.

There are hundreds of places you can post your articles online on a variety of topics.

All you have to do is find a few that deal with your business.  You can find a complete list of domains at 104Articles.com then click on the “tab” (More 104 Sites).

Then you simply write up a 100-400 word article and submit
it to the editors of your chosen 104Articles.com or any other website in the 104inc community.

You will be able to put a link to your website at the end
of your article or the link to your free advertisement profile at 104inc.com (refer to free online advertising tip #1 to set up a profile).

This is where you will put your contact information for
your business.

This is a favorite of the free advertising tips and has
been used for years by many successful small and large businesses.

Free Online Advertising Tip #4 – Use your vehicle.

One of the most unused free advertising tips is by using
your cars, trucks or vans to advertise your small business.

If you think about it, you or your employees drive around for many different reasons.  If you have a sign or window sticker, you can attract many new potential clients without much effort.

All you need to do is put your company logo on a license
plate or just place a window sticker at the rear of your vehicle.

Please make sure that your logo and contact information is clear and simple.  You need to make sure to put this window sticker where it easily can be seen.

One of the benefits of advertising with you car is the potential tax deductions involved.  Make sure to talk to your tax advisor or visit 104Accountant.com to find one near you.

If you have any questions about anything you have read today.  Please visit 104Solution.com and click “contact us” to ask your questions.

Hope I have been able to save you some money with these free advertising

Put them to use and save as much money as you can!

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