Different Forms of Online Advertising

On January 1, 2010, in Advertising, by entmind

Online advertising involves marketing products and services through the Internet. Online advertising aims at creating brand image of a product, increasing traffic to a website, and making people memorise a company’s name by heart.

There are different forms of online advertising, which can be used to your advantage. Text ads are a form of online advertising, which are displayed in a simple way with test-based hyper links and without graphics. These are usually sold on non-search website. A publisher’s own ad servers can display them or they can be displayed by individual websites.

Display ads are another form of online advertising that use graphics. Here graphic ads are posted onto a website. They are normally standard sized and shaped, and may include leader boards, banners, skyscrapers, and large boxes. These ads make use of eye-catching visuals to attract web visitors surfing the web pages on which they are posted. They are sold on non-search websites.

Pop-up ads also serve online advertising in a big way. They just appear suddenly and unexpectedly in a new window in use by surfers. Pop-up ads may include hover ads, floating ads, and slide-in ads. They are sometimes are also termed as pop-under ads if they are displayed in the lower part of the web page being surfed. Flash and DHTML ads are being used increasingly of late to challenge the growing usage of pop-up blockers.

Flash or DHTML ads use flash animation or other motion graphics, and can be in the form of animated display ads in conventional shapes and sizes or may be technologically advanced ads that work like pop-up ads but are deeply integrated into the entire design of the web site.

Interstitial ads feature between web pages requested by surfers and are the most sought-after ads as they do not disturb the surfer by appearing in the background. They use rich media, streaming video or large graphics.

Video ads are also becoming popular due to the increasing use of online videos. They serve as the most potent form of online advertising as they contain rich marketing content.


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