Deciding On your Online Advertising Mix

On December 27, 2009, in Advertising, by entmind

As an ingredient of online business success, it crucial to decide on the advertising mix that you are going to use. Yet the problem that is faced in online business is that the online business advertising media is not known.

Let us look at it from a different angle. In the offline business world, people who work in Marketing or advertising fields, usually have university degrees in those fields. Meaning, they have got years of training before entering the field, and then they will need to get experience and make achievements before they can move on with their careers.

This is not the case in the online business world. The majority of people who venture into online business are establishing businesses whether with their own products/services or as affiliates without having the slightest idea about how to market online. Accordingly, the advertising tools will be totally unknown. Thus it will be impossible to decide on the online advertising mix.

Therefore, for any person who wants to venture into online business needs to learn all the different tools available for online advertising. Then each tool should be studied to know how to use these tools effectively. Although there are numerous books and e-books written on the subject, they are lost in a pile of scam e-books that basically give no information whatsoever about the subject. Only the lucky ones are able to find a program that walks them one step at a time in the world of online advertising either by finding a real e-book or by affiliating with a program that actually gives such a detailed training and not only a bunch of tools and unorganized material.

After knowing all the tools available, how to use them and costs associated with each of those tools, a person would be able to decide on the suitable online advertising mix. Although the factors affecting the decision to choose the suitable online advertising mix are the same as those affecting the choice of a suitable offline advertising mix, the priority of those factors would differ between the two marketplaces.

The factors are:

1-Type of business
2-Target market/segment
3-Budget availability
5-Availability of resources including time

The priority of these factors when deciding on an offline advertising mix would look like this:

1-Type of business
2-Target market/segment
3-Budget availability
4-Resources and skills are at the same level.

The priority of these factors when deciding on an online advertising mix would look like this:

1-Budget availability
2-Resources, especially time
4-Target market/segment
5-Type of business

Many internet marketers might find the details of this article debatable but they would all agree on the steps advised which are briefly as follows:

1-Get to know all the advertising tools available for online advertising
2-Know the ins and outs of each tool
3-Try the ones that you are able to afford and test their effectiveness
4-Depending on your situation decide on the online advertising mix that you are going to use.

It is important to note here that for the offline business world consider the internet as one advertising tool to use; similarly the online business world consider offline advertising as one of the tools that can be used to advertise online businesses.

It should be very clear that deciding on the online advertising mix does not guarantee success for the mere factor that the mix itself is not engraved in stone and it could be changed depending on the changes that could occur on the above mentioned factors. Deciding on the online advertising mix is the beginning of the online business journey.

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