If you are still deciding whether online advertising is good for your business or is it just wastage of resources without much success, then this article is surely for you. Online advertising India is not just huge but also a promising sector where you can invest. With the right media plan, you can surely reap great benefits from it too. With more and more percentage of population in India going internet savvy, the chances of catching your target customers online, increases by a huge margin.

But before we get on with that, first let us clear the doubts regarding online advertising in India and ad network. What is online advertising? Online advertising is basically placing your advertisements on the different web sites and portals that are thriving in the virtual world. Advertisers usually place their ads on sites which are relevant to their products or services or sites that has their target customers visiting frequently.

What are ad networks? Ad networks basically exist to bring together the advertisers and the publishers on realistic platform where they get into a relationship that are mutually beneficial to all the parties. While the advertisers get their products or services promoted and make themselves available to their target customers, the publishers monetize their web traffic by getting a commission, each time a click or impression happens.

What are the benefits of online advertising India when there are other media like television and print available in the country? If you have noticed the trend over the recent few years since the arrival of online advertising in India, the various forms of online media are slowly taking an increasing percentage of the total ad spends. According to some of the experts in this field, Indian ad network would soon take a good 15-20% of the total advertising spends in India.

The reasons are simple. More people in the country are getting in touch with internet and are increasingly using this medium for different reasons. From professional reasons to personal, from communication to entertainment, Indians are utilizing all that internet has to offer and spend considerable time in the week as online. With people from not just the metro cities, but also from the rural sectors, using internet, soon it would not remain a feasible idea for Indian advertisers to avoid online advertising India.

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