Social media, specifically focusing on the social networking sites, is rapidly becoming the staple form of content online – user generated content is also some of the most valuable, as it is the honest voice of the public.
Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are among the more popular and profitable social networks for internet marketers. They’re freely available for anyone to use, and are challenging the convention of traditional media. Social media optimisation, or SMO, involves using this new form of media to increase your web presence and overall credibility. Here how to optimize for social media:

Clever Content
Optimise for your keywords, but always try and use fresh content rather than replicating old copy across the internet. Include the appropriate keywords, but not so much that the reader finds it repetitive.

Blog Above All Else
Blogging is the best way to create content on an ongoing basis, as there is always a new angle to take or industry news to relate – it’s not like setting copy into stone on your formal website; it has the potential to be much more personal and interactive than that.


Even more uncomplicated, personal and interactive, micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter are great ways to increase search engine visibility through the community of users.

Create Profiles Across Social Networks
Scour the internet for areas where you can create a presence. You don’t necessarily have to be an active member, but by creating profiles with your chosen keywords you can claim the online address before someone else does and increase your search engine visibility while you’re at it

Share and Share Alike
Everything you do online should be easy for users to share. Chicklets are the little buttons which are inserted added to blogs and websites making social bookmarking possible at the click of a button. Use them in your content, and bookmark your new blog posts. We will be looking at how to use social bookmarking sites to increase your web presence in the future, so remember to keep an eye out on this blog.

Interact and Be Part of the Gang
Possibly the most important aspect to SMO is social discussion and commentary. It’s no good being silent or stagnant online – the internet is way too interactive for that. Comment on blogs, ask questions, provide answers and generally just use your pulpit wisely.

Manage Your Online Reputation
If you don’t have any online reputation management services, it may be a good idea to invest in – or at least set up some simple reputation management tools like Google Alerts, Yahoo! Alerts and Twitter notifications to inform you of any content containing your keywords.   With Online Reputation Management you should not only monitor your online presence, but also attend to it efficiently during times of both good and bad publicity.

The most popular way to do this is using Yahoo Site explorer.  And it is free.

Why do you need to know about the number of backlinks to your site?  Backlinks are still a major part of Googles algorithm despite updates like “panda” that have penalized some sites with significant numbers of back links.  The sites that have been penalized are ones that do not have frequent good quality content.  Or sites that have added their backlinks too fast.

If you do start a backlink campaign be advised that new SEO backlinks may take a few weeks to show up on the Yahoo backlink checker tool.

For a safe and reliable backlink service you could try

SEO backlinks are a very important way of getting traffic to your site by using SEO to improve your rankings and therefore getting free search engine traffic.  This means you will get  a steady flow of traffic to your site without paying for it.



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Pricing is always tricky.
If you want sell something online, pricing could be the single most important decision you will take in promoting your own product.  Competition is fierce and with many alternatives on the internet, you need to be comparable with the competition.

But do you?

Conventional wisdom usually mentions Cost Plus, Discounting (loss leaders and the like), Target return pricing based on an ROI you want to acheive and Value-based pricing where your price is based on the value it creates for the customer.  The definition of Value based pricing can also include pay for performance pricing for services.  The important point of conventional pricing wisdom is that the amount that customers pay for your services is directly proportional to how valuable they think your product or service is.

However, many people overlook look the importance of the offer in defining the value of their product.

You should spend a lot of time valuing your offer and working out how you can add value to your product to make it more attractive.  This will mean you will be able to justify a higher price and to fully maximise the profit when launching your products to market. Some of the ways you can do this is to enhance the overall value of your product by adding additional products,  services or information.  If you make claims for your product you must also make sure there is credible proof of your product’s performance to encourage people to buy.

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